About Me

How it Started

I am the  father of  five children, 3 boys and 2 girls.    A.K.A. Captain Cutlass the inventor of the Official Pirate Headbonker a silly but friendly pirate. I specialise in childrens parties: birthday, nursery, playgroup as well as older children, Disco Parties and weddings.

 A  current  member  of Equity and Clown’s International. I know what you are asking “How did it all start”. Let me tell you my story Well at school I was a bit of a Class fool. I really enjoyed dressing up and making up plays for the assemblies. I had always dreamt of being a D.J. At the age of  18  I got myself some gear and set up in my bedroom, needless to say the next door neighbour wasn’t too happy. So I knew there and then I had to get out and find some work.  

 My first job in entertainment was as a Wedding D.J. I started out working for a really good Agency called Spotlight Entertainments, doing weddings all over Surrey and London. I then went on to do Children’s Discos and finally one day decided to dress up as a clown. Thus Spotty the Clown was born.  At first I was unsure, as to if this would work, but I took to it with ease.

This went very well, after teaching myself magic and balloon modelling, then later puppets the shows really started to get booked. As for Ice cream, well you need to book me to find out what that is all about. As luck would have it I Got on the books  of  another  great  party agency called Children’s  Partytime  run by some Guy called Jack Delvin. Unknown to me he was a master magician and recently the President of the Magic Circle and a great friend.

Over the years I have developed my own Funny and  Hilarious  characters  and style. Plus to be Original I have made  many of my own  props and worked with an amazing  puppet maker, who taught me to make my own puppets.  and I still do. This has led to over 10,000  parties , with many Satisfied clients and repeat bookings. So that is my story, or as Captain Cutlass would say “Once seen Never Forgotten”. AAAAAARRGH.

The pirate show is always very popular, especially with Girls and Boys. As are Nursery/ playgroup parties. I specialise in childrens parties: birthday, nursery, playgroup as well as older children, Disco Parties.

Home Made

  • I have always made as many of my own props/ tricks as possible, because to be good you need to be original.
  • The inventor of the Official Pirate Headbonker (as only used by Captain Cutlass) and as for ICE CREAM the kids just can’t get enough of it. They love it.
  • The most unusual place I have ever worked must be inside of a large REMOVAL VAN. (Parked outside the house).
  • Have recently worked for Sure-Start
  • In Battersea/ Wandsworth/ Lewisham/ Mitcham/Sutton/Roehampton.
  • A regular Party Entertainer at The Hurlingham club.


Looking for someone to come to your SCHOOL FETE, Village Fair, then Walkabout work Balloon modelling, puppets is one of my most popular acts.



Here are some of the Famous People I have met at parties.

  • Sir Ralph Richardson
  • Charles Jenks
  • Eric Sykes
  • Chris Tarrant
  • Tim Donovan/Political Editor
  • Jenny Agutter
  • Janine Duvitski (from One Foot in the Grave)
  • Neil Fox D.J.
  • Eddie Marsan From the ILLUSIONIST FILM.

Companies booking our Parties.