AllSorts of Fun Bootstrap


  • What it includes:
  • Pirate dancing
  • Magic
  • Pirate puppet show featuring Captain Stinkypants, the long lost at sea cousin.
  • Sword fighting
  • Walking the plank
  • Treasure hunting
  • Parachute games
  • And the Famous pirate Head-Bonker as only used by Captain Cutlass.
  • If ye enjoyed PETER PAN or want to be JACK SPARROW, then I be the Funniest pirate ye will ever sea shipmate.


"We have used "ALLSORTS OF FUN" 3 times now for our SCHOOL and PARISH events and always been pleased." "CAPTAIN CUTLASS is great with the kids always very friendly, fun and has a great way with the children!" "LEIGH" is reliable and considerate and always turns up early to set up." I have used Captain Cutlass and Spotty the clown for 4 of my children's parties and always recommended him to my friends." "Leigh is very professional" Regards. Krissie. St Anselms School/ Parish. P.T.A Tooting.


  • For nursery children age up to 7yrs
  • What it includes:
  • Limbo
  • Circus/party music
  • Magic fun with games
  • Puppet show
  • Balloon twisting
  • Limbo
  • Plate spinning
  • Juggling
  • Parachute games
  • Slapstick
  • Have you ever seen a clown with so many spots?
  • He’s even got a big red spot on the end of his nose!
  • What a laugh!


Came and did a superb and very funny show for the kids and Adults,

who liked the puppet show, but especially the PARACHUTE games. Finishing with lots of great Balloon shapes. Thanks Jane Mayfield Gymnastics Club Tooting.


  • Luke Skytalker
  • Will he ever stop talking
  • What it includes:
  • Crazy tricks with silly props
  • Space balloon battle
  • Superhero puppet show
  • Flying saucers with Hula Hoops
  • The only party where you can play Bash the DALEK
  • Games, prizes and music from your Favourite superheroe
  • A Super Hero that likes to save Sausages
  • Don?t know why, but he thinks he can FLY


Hi Leigh Thank you so much for Adam and Luke's party on Sunday. I have never seen my boys laugh so much! Everything was pitched perfectly for their age and the variety of entertainment was spot on. I can't sing your praises enough and will certainly recommend you to friends. Many thanks again. Andrea


  • A Knight of the WRONG table
  • Knights and PrincessesParty
  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Jousting
  • Dragon Hunt
  • Puppets
  • Games
  • Magic
  • Once upon a time, there was a Knight of the Wrong table known as Sir Dancelot. He was brave, bold, rather silly and always losing his dragon. So he enlisted the help of all the kids in the land, with a fantastic jousting competition, magic tricks, silly puppets and the chance to sit on the GOLDEN THRONE. Who will become the King or Queen? or dance until they drop. Book now: 1 hour & 2 hour shows


houses of parliament

Dear Leigh

Just a brief note to thank you once again for Oliver's party on Sunday. You/Sir Dancalot (!) were absolutely marvellous - and a hit with children and adults alike. The party was a huge success.

We hope to book you in the future if you are willing!

Thanks once again.

Best wishes

Sally and John Bercow.
Speakers House.
The Houses of Parliament.


  • Have you ever wanted to be James Bond or Inspector Gadget?
  • If you are between 7 and 10yrs old, now is your chance to prove you are the ,
  • SMARTEST kid in town
  • Introducing our No.1 Agent SECRET SAM
  • Do you think you have what it takes to crack the code?
  • Follow the clues, tackle an assault course and pass a super-fast memory test?
  • Book the only real SPY training camp
  • boys and girls


  • Do you have a child who get's worried when they see a Clown in make up
  • My Daft Dan show is all the fun of a Clown without all the worry
  • What it includes:
  • There's Magic that never seems to work
  • A puppet show, that can only go wrong
  • Games that you Don't want to win, first prize is his [SMELLY socks]
  • Balloons that get stuck to his Fingers, wrapped around his head, fly everywhere
  • But whatever you do don't ask him to Sing
  • Daft DAN a very silly Man
  • With fun and laughter
  • He's a Complete Disaster


  • FRED the ELF and SMELLY the Reindeer
  • He is Father Christmas? Favourite Elf And would love to come to your party
  • What it includes
  • Funny magic tricks
  • A puppet show starring SMELLY and Santa Xmas games and prizes
  • Xmas music, Jingle bells, Rockin around the Xmas tree, Frozen
  • A giant Snowflake
  • Balloon modelling
  • Maybe a Reindeer or do you want FRED to build a Snowman
  • Santa once said, if you need magic? You need FRED



We used Captain Cutlass for my son's 5th birthday party which he shared with a friend from school.He was fantastic and kept 30 five year olds hugely entertained for 2 hours with a magic showp;puppet show, a balloon sword fight (a total hit) and a parachute.Everyone loved it!




Mr Spotty has always proven to be professional and reliable on every occasion which is why we have always booked him to attend our Christmas and end of term parties, and would not hesitate to do so in the future. Paula & Mary ------ " We greet him with delight knowing the children will be entranced by an hour of fun & laughter". Mrs Clifton, All Saints Primary School/Nursery Carshalton.


We had 'Spotty the Clown' for my daughters 4th birthday party today. He was great and the kids absolutely loved him - very funny, kept 25 3-4 year olds engaged for an hour with magic, puppets, balloon animals and parachute games. Also very professional, arriving early to set up and clearing away quickly afterwards.



Captain Cutlass was fantastic with the children he really came to life in their presence. He was great with children with special needs and especially Autism where he would follow them round instead of making them sit which works best for them. We have used him for a number of events that we have hosted and the children have all had a great time, i would highly recommend him to other groups. Wandsworth Contact a Family


Dear Leigh Just to say a huge Thank you once again for being a super hero at being a superhero at my son's 5th birthday party (Addlestone January 2016). Sorry that it has taken so long to contact you. Thought you might like to hear the feedback from those who attended.... He was brilliant, very calm and patient with all the children... Even my littlest joined in and loved it every minute. I have not seen her so engaged at a party before.... He kept the children's attention the whole way. Nobody was distracted or got bored.... As a parent I thought I get just sit, but I enjoyed it when we also had to be part of the action.... He was the best entertainer at a children's party that I have ever seen.... We are still talking about your superhero entertainer, he was fab!... I think I really liked him he was so funny.... Thanks Leigh. We really appreciated your work. All the best. Jane Lynch










Dear Sir Dancealot Your attention to detail was superb, the knight's theme was magical and we loved the music and the retreat to the castle was hilarious. What a wonderful, wonderful party thank you so much. I have received the most unbelievable thank you texts from parents today saying how much they enjoyed the party ? I quote the best children?s party they have ever been to. Thank you so much, we really enjoyed the party and Max is beside himself that a real Knight has been to his house! Photographs to follow. Thank you again Warm regards Victoria


Hello Secret Sam,

My son Gabriel had a lovely time, and several parents have told me that their children really enjoyed the party. One girl told her mum the codebreaking at the start was "brilliant " - am happy to post these comments on your page.

Have a lovely Xmas

Julie, Jason and Gabriel


boys and girls


excitement and energy


plate spinning and hula hoops

hula hoops





The kids get a


 to take home with every party