Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Do you do parties/celebrations for one year old children.

Answer. Yes, as long as there are other kids of 3yrs and above to entertain.

Q. Do you supply the food.

A. No we leave this to you as some children have certain dietry requirements.

Q. Is there a maximum amount of kids we can invite.

A. No, but the average house party is 12 to 15. Then most people go to a hall and invite 30 children known as The CLASS. But if you want more please let us know as it may increase the price.

Q. Does the price include travelling costs and v.a.t.

A. The price will include travelling costs on local parties, up to about 15 miles. But will need to add extra to go further. We are not v.a.t. registered.

Q.How much is the bouncy castle and does it come with a rain cover .

A. yes it has a rain cover. The price is £55 a day for private parties, £40 a day for schools and nurseries based on local bookings.

Q. prizes, do you supply these and what are they.

A. Firstly we NEVER give out sweets, the prizes are small plastic toys as in watches, handclappers, whistles, punchball balloons depending on the age of the kids. Yes we supply these, but feel free to bring some if you wish.

Q.Will you require parking.

A. Yes as near as possible, preferably outside your door or as close to Hall as possible, as there is lots to unload.

Q. Do you bring your own props and music.

A. Yes all you need to do is feed the kids, leave the rest to us and send them home happy.

Q. Is it a good idea to fill floor with balloons at start.

A. No, as all the kids will do is burst them and this may upset some children and babies.

Q. What if a child is a little shy, what do you do.

A. I usually find that child will watch the others and see them having fun and sooner or later naturally join in, it is best let them do this at their own pace rather than push them forward.

Q.Do you do MID-WEEK shows and are they cheaper.

A. YES. I do parties during the week and they are cheaper, you can save £15 on any booking Monday to Friday.

Q. I like the sound of what you have to offer,how do i go about booking one of your great shows.

A. Simple as simon said. I take down some details your name, phone number, date of party, what you would like and send you 2 copies of a contract. Get you to sign the YELLOW one and send back with a deposit of approx half the total amount. Then pay the balance on the day. Hoorah.